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Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Ultrasonic Cleaner .



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Fast, Hands-Free, Microscopic Cleaning For Dirty Guns & Parts

Add superfast, ultrasonic cleaning to your shop; save yourself a lot of time and make money in the process. 43KHz, Ultrasonic sound waves, plus CA2 Heat create the proven, aggressive action that’s a must for thorough gun cleaning. Incremental, consistent heat along with billions of tiny scrubbing bubbles remove powder fouling, lead and jacketed bullet fouling, light rust, dirt and grease; better, faster and easier than ever before. CA2 Heat eliminates the need to use ammoniated cleaning solutions to remove copper fouling. To clean most firearms, only the most basic field strip is needed. Drop the parts into the basket, turn on the Ultrasonic cleaner and you’re free to do other jobs while the cavitating action in the tank gets everything microscopically clean in as short a time as 7 to 10 minutes. The Gun Cleaning Package includes the Q-210 Ultrasonic Cleaner, Timer and Heater, (1) Q-210 Auxiliary Pan, (1) Q-210 Accessory Basket, (1) Gallon, non-ammoniated, L&R Gun Cleaning Concentrate and (2) Gallons of L&R Ultrasonic Gun Lubricating Solution. All the units are heavy duty, built for constant use in a busy shop or department. Not recommended for use with ammoniated solutions.


117V; 50/60 Hz; 135 Watts

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Ultrasonic Cleaner

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