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Stockmakers Starter Set

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Stockmakers Starter Set .



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All The Stockmaker's Tools You Need To Create A Finished Stock From A Semi-Inletted Blank

A comprehensive collection of the proper chisels, files, gouges, scrapers and other tools required to turn a rough-cut, semi-inletted blank into a beautiful, personal, work of art. Lets you start with all the tools you need to do the job right - and with craftsmanship and pleasure for you. Our Tech Support Staff selected the tools specially to give you just what you need from our extremely wide selection of professional quality tools. As your skill and expertise improves, you can add other tools later, knowing that right from the start you are building on a firm foundation of top-quality, gunsmith-proven tools. And, you save more than 10% over the price of individual tools.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:
73, Page

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Stockmakers Starter Set

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