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Wilson/nowlin Barrel Ramp Cutter

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Wilson/nowlin Barrel Ramp Cutter .



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Removes Factory Feed Ramp From Frame; Trues Up Contact Surfaces

End-mill cutter helps you quickly convert a standard 1911 frame for precise fit of a Wilson/Nowlin ramped barrel. Use in a lathe or milling machine to cleanly remove the frame’s feed ramp and true up factory flaws found in many frames to allow proper contact with the barrel feet. Helps ensure a cleaner impact surface that prevents excess battering and uneven stresses on the feet for longer barrel life. Manufactured from U.S.-sourced M42 high-speed tool steel blanks for precise cutting surfaces that stay sharp. One-piece design means nothing to work loose halfway through the job. Shank is long enough to clear full-length dust covers.

1911, Issue:
11, Page

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Wilson/nowlin Barrel Ramp Cutter

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